Choi Kwang Do at The Ageas Bowl

The Ageas Bowl, Botley Road, West End, Southampton, Hampshire, SO30 3XH.

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Tel: 07926564884


We offer martial arts and self-defence classes to everybody (aged 5 and above) of all abilities in Eastleigh at our training facility located at The Ageas Bowl, West End, Southampton.

As well as learning a traditional martial art like Choi Kwang Do, martial arts and self-defence classes are great for:

– Building confidence
– Getting fit
– Having fun!

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Tel: 07926564884

Choi Kwang Do

Choi Kwang Do was developed by Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi between 1978 and 1987 and has proved to be the most effective martial arts system in the world.

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Martial Arts For Adults

Choi Kwang Do is much more than just learning self defence. Our meticulously constructed classes combine Dynamic Martial Arts with fitness workouts...

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Family Activity

Why not enjoy some quality time training on your Black Belt Journey with your children?

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What People Say

"I was introduced to CKD4Health(DragonCKD) by a friend who spoke of this NEW Martial Art. I've been here for nearly 4 years, and the more I train the more addicted I become. Within a year I became an AI and when I achieved Black Belt I became part of the Head Instructor team of which I am very proud and honoured. From Mr. Evans (my mentor and friend) I have learned so much and still can't believe at 42 I can achieve so much more. With hard work, discipline and respect for our Pledge and Principles and the unwavering support from the Choi family I will continue with my journey. Since I started I have recommended CKD to so many people and I enjoy training and instructing and watching all students journeys. If you wish to learn self defence, better yourself get fit and meet so many great people of all ages there is only one option for you, I hope to train with you soon. Sabumnim Martyn Lewis, Pil Seung!"

Martyn Lewis

"Mr Greg Evans Professional CKD School in West End, Southampton. UK ! One of the Top Schools in the UK with an UnBeatable Team ! Pilseung."

Grandmaster Pereira CKD International

"Fantastic environment for training. Instructors are friendly and welcoming. Expect to find encouragement and inspiration, not the egos and competition many other martial arts facilities offer"

Jon Mainwaring

Choi Kwang Do at The Ageas Bowl - Martial Arts Classes in Southampton

About Us

Dragon CKD – unique and dynamic martial art at our training facility located at The Ageas Bowl, West End.  We cater for those interested in Fitness and optimum health, Self Defence or Personal Development we have a program to suit students of all ages and abilities.

Tuesday 1800-1850 family class – 1900-2000 Black Belt Class Only

Wednesday 1800-1850 and 1900-2000 family classes

Thursday 1800-1850 and 1900-2000 family classes.

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The Ageas Bowl, Botley Road
West End
SO30 3XH

  Telephone: 07926564884

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